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YYRZ Calender

Used where high pressure is required for maximum control of thickness or surface treatment and bonding of light weight nonwoven material. Main specifications Working width (1800 -3500) mm Working pressure ≤100Kg/cm Mechanical speed ≤4000mm/min Surface temp. ≤260℃ Temp. Difference 1℃ Structure style 2-roll or 3-roll Heating method hot oil circulation Structure. Heated rollers are adopt heat-resistant alloy steel, surface engraved by electronic programmed engraving system. Separate oil heating system, adjust and keep the temperature automatically. Up-and down rollers cross over 0-30mm axial direction, pressure in the two ends can be adjusted precisely by hydraulic system.

The Bearings are lubricated/ cooled by a separate oil system. The universal coupling is connected to inverter motor for driving.

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